Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is CNC technology?

CNC stands for Computer Numerically Controlled. Once a file has been created in one of our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software programs, dimensions are populated into the computer based on typical vector-based (linear) elements using geometry and codes. These are created for the CNC machines to understand (X, Y, and Z movements). Once we have our codes written from the initial design, we input these into the computer that runs the CNC machine. A CNC machine is a rotary tool which holds sharp bits that spin at speeds up to 24,000 rpm and move along different axis at feeds up to 720 inches per minute. Once we determined the appropriate feeds and speeds for all based upon the different variables we use a vacuum table system which allows the substrate to be held uniformly to the table. The computer then controls the movement automatically after the vacuum system has been activated and the router moves fluidly on the axes with unparalleled precision.

Do I need to provide your company with electronic drawing files?

No, you do not need electronic drawing files. While they are our preference, we can re-create drawings in-house using our CAD software based on dimensions given from another drawing that has been e-mailed or faxed, or from a physical part that you have sent to us. Some fees may apply to recreate a drawing.

What type of files do you need for programming?

In most cases we prefer that you send us .DXF files because these are the easiest to convert into our programs and maintain a better level of proportion so less scaling is needed. However, we also accept .DWG, .AI, and .EPS files.

Do you supply the material?

Yes, we can supply the substrates for your projects with almost any material that we route for a complete part – any type of wood sheet or board. Sheet : Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, HDPE, UHMW, PVC, DELRIN, ABS, ACETAL, Kydex, Foams, Versatex, HDU, Dibond, Corrugated plastic with Aluminum, Coroplast and much, much more. We can also just provide labor if you prefer to supply the material.

Do you have minimum quantities on parts?

No, we do not. We do a fare amount of custom one-time components, but we also do projects where order quantities are 10,000+ parts. We will work with you to either quote or route based on various order quantities.

How do you handle shipping?

We will ship all over the United States, but most shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. We are able to handle UPS shipping with some fees that apply and common courier for local deliveries. We are able to also set up and ship via your UPS or freight liner account. We do provide local pick-up and delivery within a 30-mile radius from our office in Leechburg, PA for a nominal fee. WE ARE ALSO HAPPY TO SHIP BLIND TO OUR CUSTOMERS' CUSTOMERS! Let us know your needs and we will do our best to assist you.

What are your payment terms?

We accept checks and cash. We require a deposit on sign work equal to 50% of the completed value with the remainder due upon completion. We will accept PayPal for customized work, but we currently do not accept credit cards.

You work with many different customers, some of which that are in a similar, competitive industry. What happens if you see the same project from different customers?

Confidentiality is extremely important to us. We treat all of our customers with the utmost respect. If we do see the same drawing or parts, that stays discrete! This is an important aspect we want to make clear to our customers. We will also ship blind to your customers. When we work for you… we become a part of your team.