Manufacturing with CNC technology allows us to supply services to our customers where their parts and products are manufactured on computerized production equipment, specifically CNC Routers and a CNC Panel Saw. This allows our customers to make things they could only previously make with manual tools which would require considerable skill, time, and tooling. In most cases the products we produce could not be made as accurately, cost effectively, quickly or in practical quantities using any other equipment. Using a type of optimization program we can automatically nest for best yields to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Parts are checked for accuracy against original measurements and drawings. We strive to keep our pricing amongst the most competitive and make this possible with minimal overhead surpassing many companies also offering CNC services.

CNC capabilities

  • 72” x 96” (Cutting surface 73” x 101”) CNC Router
  • 48” x 96” (Cutting surface 49” x 101”) CNC Router
  • Route 2D, 2.5 D and some 3D
  • Re-size
  • V-engrave and customize
  • Make repetitive cuts for small or large production jobs - 1 part to 100,000 parts
  • Drill blind holes, degree countersinks, thru holes, horizontal holes, and tap holes
  • Re-create a part with a replica from a sample part or drawing / provide drawing and prototypes
  • Store your jobs on file so we are ready for your repeat customers
  • Vinyl cutting and installation and some sandblasting
  • Handle your overflow from your in-house machines

We can work with:

  • Plastics
  • Woods
  • Thin Mill Aluminum
  • Foams (certain types)
  • Solid Surface

Our support equipment includes:

  • CNC Panel Saws
  • Table and Miter Saws
  • Hand Routers
  • Lathe

Other capabilities include:

  • Supplying woods and plastics
  • Plastic bending, gluing, polishing, and welding
  • Light assemblies
  • Limited material storage
  • UPS shipment, some delivery and pick-up