A Full-Service CNC Router Shop!

  • Precise
  • Reliable
  • Cost-Effective

Godfrey CNC Manufacturing, located in Leechburg, PA, can create your most complex designs – from simple shapes to intricate projects – using our Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Routers. Our routers, incorporated with our Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, can transform your design into reality.

Whether you need one part or thousands of parts, Godfrey CNC Manufacturing is the right choice for you! Utilizing our complex CAD software, we can develop your designs from provided drawings or parts, and we can also receive your engineering output directly via like file types. Our company can Route in any type of wood, plastic, most foams, thin mill aluminum and solid surfaces. We can make light work of your most demanding projects. Our CNC Routing capabilities enable us to produce your products with implausible precision, consistency, and speed.

Let us help you cut down on your production time and aid in helping your company maximize its efficiency!

“Working with Nikki and her team at Godfrey over the past 6 years has been great! Every order we give them is critical and needs to be done fast, and they have not let us down! I wish that everyone treated us as well as Godfrey CNC.” – Eddie Howe, Sr. Business Manager, Pittsburgh and Cleveland